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Toro is a business development firm, specialized in the concept and development of turnkey solutions for entities and individuals with expansion needs.

Growth and

We offer a close and personalized approach to reach the peak potential for each of the projects managed by the firm.

Tactical and
Strategic Advisory

Our focus on the definition of a clear path to all deliverables is fundamental to deliver exceptional results.

The Market

A complete analisys / report of the industry considering competitors, market prices, potential volume, government taxes, supply chain and legal considerations to take the right decision before starting a business

Product “Best Fit”

Starting from the market analysis and the study of expectations of “potential” consumers, through the minimum product requirements are defined and developed to achieve the desired market share. With these minimum requirements, an “MVP” (Minimum Viable Product) is made and then it’s tested with the profile of the potential client to ensure that it meets the expectations of “potential” consumers.

The Footprint

Once a project has been analyzed and a potential business is identified, TORO prepares a roadshow including top industry leaders, and government lobbying to establish a clear way to the project development.


Traction is the most critical issue in a new project. The follow up and the (Acción rápida a cualquier piedra que se presente en el camino) thanks to a high level network, thru meetings, calls, and other actions are key to guarantee the progress and completion.

Project Management

Thru Project Management Metodology (PMP) we define control and follow up in detail each project, including responsability matrix, key milestones timetable, task manager and other tools to measure the KPI’s from the begining to the end.

Product development

Implementing the “Design Thinking” methodology, we accelerate innovation initiatives and new product and services launching.

Strategic planning

We work under a 360o model considering the digital channels to optimize the customer journey and measure all KPI’s ensuring the ROI of the project.

Procurement Services

TORO has a specialized business unit focused on government procurement keeping up to date all the regulatory requirements to run a process without errors that can result in the desqualification of the procedure.

Corporate finance

We have a wide network of investment banks and institutional investors through which we advise companies to maximize their invested assets through mergers and acquisitions, divestments and restructuring.

Generational Succession

We have advised family businesses in the process of tactical and strategic restructuring to facilitate generational change, either through succession planning, external management and/or sales of majority or minority stakes to strategic or financial partners.

Board Advisory

We advise boards of directors on the design, development, implementation and tactical and strategic restructuring of key assets to facilitate the maximization of company value.

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